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Does any of this craziness sound familiar?

You drop $1,000 on a new set of wheels… or a power meter… or a gadget to make yourself ride 0.1% faster...


You pay $100’s in gym membership and coaching fees…

Photo by Stig Nygaard

Photo Stig Nygaard


You train for months and months because of one event where you want to set a personal best… because you’re a naturally competitive person… 


And sometimes you eat weird “recovery” food…


Photo Chris F

Waking up at o-dark-thirty to train…

And push yourself so hard in training that a normal person would probably lose their lunch. 



Not everyone understands what it’s like to be an athlete.


Photo IQRemix


And not everyone knows how important even a small edge can be.


I mean, just look at a sprint in the Tour de France, where people finish inches from each other after five hours of flat-out racing!


What’s not so great is the amount of doping that happens in professional sport…


But what’s encouraging is that people are looking for legal and ethical ways to get the same benefits.



And that’s why I’m so excited to talk about BionicGym for athletes.

From what I’ve seen so far - and experienced personally - BionicGym is like “legal doping.” 


Because of how we designed it to target fast-twitch muscle fibers, it trains you in a way nothing else can…


And you can repeat it, day after day.


That’s a huge benefit if you’re looking for every improvement you can find. 


Whether you’re chasing your local bunch sprint or competing for a national team spot, 


The BionicGym technology is here now, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a de facto standard training “supplement.”



The question is - how much do you want to be at the front of the pack? 

If you’re a competitive person but you don’t have unlimited time to train… 


Or if you’ve ever struggled with overtraining…


Or if you want a low impact way to supplement your training…


Then BionicGym+HIIT was made for you. 


I urge you to at least check it out: 




All the best.


With Gratitude, 

Dr. Louis