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How it works

Fitness Training

Clinical studies show increased VO2max (lab test for aerobic fitness) in just 6 weeks.


Feel fresh and energized. At high intensities you can even get a runner’s high.

Weight loss

Burn calories even while working. Sustainable weight loss = diet + exercise. BionicGym can be your exercise.

Gentle on your joints

No need to pound the streets.

First, consider this:

Nature’s way of creating heat or burning calories is to shiver.

As you get colder, you shiver more intensely but at the same rate (7-8Hz). This is because the energy consumption is not related to the force or tension generated, but rather the shortening and lengthening of the muscle fibers.

Dr Louis, inventor of BionicGym, explains it from a medical perspective

"I've done thousands of mini-experiments to optimize the technology… and then followed up with peer-reviewed scientific studies."

BionicGym on live TV

UK - Channel 4 - How to Lose Weight Well: Ireland - TV3 - Six O'Clock Show:

Turn up the heat with Pro+HIIT workouts.
Unleash the full power of BionicGym to accelerate your calorie burn and training with PRO+HIIT.

BionicGym is FDA Cleared:

BionicGym technology in the scientific literature:

[1] (PDF) The use of electrical muscle stimulation to elicit a cardiovascular exercise response without joint loading: A case study

[2] Clinical application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation induced cardiovascular exercise

[3] Neuro-muscular electrical stimulation training enhances maximal aerobic capacity in healthy physically active adults

[4] Neuromuscular electrical stimulation can elicit aerobic exercise response without undue discomfort in healthy physically active adults

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[6] Prolonged electrical muscle stimulation exercise improves strength and aerobic capacity in healthy sedentary adults

[7] Comparative effect of a 1 h session of electrical muscle stimulation and walking activity on energy expenditure and substrate oxidation in obese subjects.

* Abstract

* NMES stands for neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation.

* EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation.

* TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.