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Getting Started, Apps, Tips, Tutorials

Thanks for ordering BionicGym!   

I. Download the App.

2. Know what to expect.

3. Follow the video tutorials (in-app and below).
Electrode placement is important!

Be sure to watch the videos to get it right.

4. Lots of tips below!

Download your BionicGym app from

What to expect

Step 1: Getting Used to BionicGym

The first few sessions are just to get used to BionicGym. Use the starter programs and increase the intensity slowly and steadily during the workout.

Step 2 : Increasing the intensity

With each session increase the intensity. It will quickly feel more comfortable and natural. (You'll not only be able to train at higher levels but also burn more calories while working, etc.)

Step 3: Increased Heart Rate

Most get a heart response even in their very first session. Don't worry if you don't. You need to train up your muscles with this type of exercise first. Use it several times a week for 2-3 weeks.

Step 4: Sweating and Breathless!
Some people get here in their very first session! Others find everything clicks after 2-3 weeks training. Their muscles can now work so hard they're sweating and breathless. (especially when used standing). Some prefer to stay at more gentle exercise levels (often using it for longer periods).

Video Tutorials - Quickstart

  • 1. A warm welcome to BionicGym


  • 2. Safety summary precautions


  • 3. Charging the control unit


  • 4. The Electrodes


  • 5. The Wrap (electrode positioning).


  • 6. Attaching wrap extensions, if required.


  • 7. NB Correct Placement of the Electrodes - Important (alternative)


  • 8. Put the Control Unit in the Pocket (snaps in)


  • 9. Connection Wire to Left Leg


  • 10. Bluetooth Pairing


  • Troubleshooting: Electrode-Check Error


  • Making the wraps NEATER on smaller legs. (Works for all wrap sizes).


  • Trimming the Electrodes


  • First Use… what to expect, what to do


Top Tip: Get social... join the forums

Join the forums and learn from others doing well, encourage and inspire each other. There is even a woman's-only group.

If you want some inspo right now, head over to the reviews and testimonials page and see what kinds of before and after results folks are getting with BionicGym.

Consistency is key

Build BionicGym into your life; make it a habit - part of your routine. Stick with it, love it and enjoy the benefits.

Always train within your limits

Always listen to your body. It's also very important to check with your Doctor.

It's important to set it up correctly

Do you want to get the most our of your BionicGym? Then it's important that you set it up correctly. Video link on setup and tips.

Surf/ Watch TV/ Game/ Work

It's easy to exercise while you're getting other things done Watch a series, fold some laundry, play a videogame, read, or (at low levels) work on your computer.


Enjoy the sense of accomplishment. You're making what may be a significant positive change in your life. Give yourself some credit for that.