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We are all made different, train different and train for different reasons. Whether you train to be your best, train alongside a balanced diet to control weight or train as an athlete aiming to break records. You can use BionicGym in ways to suit your needs.

“Be your Best”.  You’re healthy and exercise regularly.  You can’t always get to the gym but want intensive cardio exercise and crave the “runners’ high”.  With BionicGym Pro you can train, sweat and pant watching TV, or you can use it at moderate levels gaming.  This is a way to increase your fitness and feel great.

Overweight*.  We all need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight.  For weight loss: diet PLUS exercise is the key to sustained success.  We can be part of your exercise. You can use BionicGym at low levels working or watching TV.  You can double or treble your calorie burn while doing other things... it all adds up. Once you get used to the system increase the intensity and bring your cardio fitness to a new level.  See here for a discussion on how it can help with particular diets.

Please note:  BionicGym may NOT be suitable for women over 16 stone (224lbs / 101kg). Many women carry weight on the thighs and have cellulite there.  This means that they may take longer to get used to the stimulation and only be comfortable using it at moderate levels.    

*BionicGym is a non-medical product anybody with a medical problem, over 40 or seriously overweight should discuss with their doctor the level of exercise they can safely undertake.

Athlete – serious about your fitness.  This is a new training modality.  It exercises your body in a completely different way to what was ever available before.  Each way of training, be it plyometrics or intervals, brings about a different adaptation.  We can do things which you cannot do with regular ‘voluntary’ training. Just try mimicking shivering – go on contract your thighs 8 times per second.  Now do this for an hour... impossible perhaps even for the greatest athlete. We believe we have the technology to allow you to excel, to break new records. 

Astronauts, why not?  They lose fitness and muscle mass floating in space.  Exercise generally relies on gravity. We don’t. The body’s natural recoil means you don’t have to pound the streets for cardio-fitness.  Oh and we’ve already tested it in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency. (It works up there too!).


 in Zero Gravity with the European Space Agency